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Enhanced performance through muscle temperature control.

Our patented core cooling technology directly cools your muscles, allowing you to work out longer and with more intensity.
How it works

The science of body temperature control.

Humans transmit heat most efficiently through non-hairy portions of the body: palms, soles, and upper face.

Muscle temperature and core body temperature can be controlled by circulating water around these areas.

1. Cool Water
Water is controlled at the appropriate temperature in a portable insulated container.
2. Recirculation
Water is pumped through the interface at safe temperatures, providing counter-current cooling to the body.
3. Mitt
A mitt is used to create an ideal microclimate delivering cooling water in an enclosed pad that touches the palm’s surface.  This sends cool blood back to the heart and then out to overheated muscles.

Stronger, Faster, Better. Proven to Perform.

Using the CoolMitt device before, during and after training and during timeouts at competitions will enhance your ability to perform better. 

You will delay the onset of muscle fatigue allowing you to do more, faster, over longer periods of time…making you a better athlete.

Proven to improve your performance.

We are science based. Our core cooling technology has been scientifically studied in dozens of published peer reviewed Journals.

- Greater than 114% increase in strength
- More than 44% improvement in endurance
- Reduced cramping

Our cooling technology is scientifically proven to enhance performance through body temperature control.  

All I have to say is WOW! I was able to push harder with a higher heart rate for longer. The mitt is amazing!

Will Hall
Elite Cyclist

It's portable.
You can use it anywhere, any time.

As easy as pulling on a glove, the CoolMitt® device is a portable, rechargeable unit with up to 8 hours on a single charge and ice fill.

Built for soldiers, developed for athletes.

Originally built to help our troops perform in harsh environments. Evolved to help elite athletes burst through performance roadblocks.