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Heat Extraction Through the Palm of One Hand Improves Aerobic Exercise Endurance in a Hot Environment

Journal of Applied Physiology
September 1, 2005
September 1, 2005

This study was designed to determine if cooling of the palm under slight negative pressure increased the duration of activity under a constant workload.  8 subjects were asked to walk on a treadmill moving at 5.46 km/h, at a 9% incline, at an ambient temperature of 40°C.  

Each subject was tested with and without cooling with slight negative pressure.  Body temperature was measured using an esophageal probe.  The test was terminated when subjects achieved 90% of predicted maximum output.  Body temperature rise was slowed in individuals with both palm cooling and negative pressure.  Heart rate rose in direct correlation to body temperature.  

Individuals with both cooling and negative pressure extended their period of activity by remaining on the treadmill 25% longer.  An indication that endurance can be enhanced through cooling during exercise.

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