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how to use coolmitt

Weight Training

Studies have shown that using our cooling technology during weight training will increase strength quickly and safely

Your muscles tend to overheat while using weights, limiting the number of reps you can do, but the CoolMitt device reduces that heat load when used between sets.

On the next set, your muscles are stabilized at a lower temperature and will take longer to hit their heat limit, meaning you can work your muscles harder.  The net effect is that your workout becomes more effective and creates lasting improvements in strength and endurance compared to a regular workout.

Recommended use:

  • After your warmup:  The CoolMitt device will help you cool your core to increase your ability to withstand the heat of your upcoming sets.
  • Between each set:  Even if you only have 30 seconds to put your hand in the device, it will help your capacity in the next set.
  • Between exercises:  You probably have more time to cool between exercises and our device is portable so easy to take along with you to the next station.  If you can wear the device while moving to another station, even better.
  • Post workout for recovery.
Mitigating Heat Stress


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